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Using an Aprilaire Whole-Home Humidifier is one of the most effective ways to add the proper amount of humidity to your indoor air and prevent the problems caused by dry air.


Dry Air Can Damage Your Family’s Health and Home


Humidity control to prevent the damaging effects of dry air caused by low relative humidity is important.

•Low humidity can increase your chances of getting a cold, the flu and other upper respiratory problems. Viruses that cause colds and flu love low humidity. Dry air can make people more susceptible to infection. In addition, drier air can aggravate allergy and asthma symptoms.


•Low humidity can cause home damage. It causes walls, woodwork, and your beautiful hardwood floors to crack.


•Low humidity can cause higher energy costs. Low humidity can make you feel too cold at normal temperatures leading you to turn up the thermostat. This leads to higher energy bills.

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The Eco Man What can low humidity do to your body ?
•Bloody noses
•Dry mouth and dry, itchy eyes
•Sore throats
•Cracked, itchy skin
•Painful static shocks
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